The Skia Film Festival is an international bi-monthly film festival for filmmakers and film enthusiasts to promote their work.
We accept short films, documentaries, animations, music videos and films of all genres. Every month, our judge team watch, check and evaluate the submitted films. The best films declared the winner of
the month.
Our jury is a group of experienced filmmakers who are trying to bring the world the best short,feature movies, music videos, animations, documentaries and many many else from around the world, and we promote and present everything on a single platform, which is our website.

Our mission is to push the boundaries, bring a unique artistic and cinematic experience from around the world and send it to the heart of Europe.

1. We accept films of all genres.

2. You can participate in all categories

3. All Entries Must be subtitled in English

4. The selected films will have to send the supplementary material when contacted by the Festival Direction.
- High res. film poster
- Synopsis in Italian of the short film
- Digital close-up photo of the director
- Director's biography (maximum 500 characters)

5. SIFF can use trailer/teaser/film poster/stills or BTS for promotional purpose (but do not release, under any form or circumstances, the full film)

6. Entry fees are non-refundable

7. The submitter owns all the rights to the film

8. SIFF winners that will go into yearly programme must allow download of the film without subtitles and .srt file with english subtitles

Why choose us?
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